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I haven't updated in ages and now it's mostly a case of livejournal opening this window for me and me being inspired to tell you that I'm writing all the things! I have published a couple of them online and even sold ONE copy in a month or so (of Bella Despierta, which is an oldie by now and I'm not that impressed with anymore. Even if I do like the crazyass plot). Of this I'm obviously stupidly proud, even though it's more a blip in the radar than anything. At this point I have only published super old romances that I wrote when I was 18 or so, so a good almost decade ago (first love was very inspiring) because I wanted to see how the whole self publishing thing worked with things that ultimately are just fluff.

Anyway, go have a look and if you like them, I'm happy to provide copies because they are so shiiiiiiny and, also, I want ☆.


I spent a great month back in Terrassa with my dad and my little sisters, it was genuinely the first time I have not wanted to leave my family home, like, at all. Of course there were a few screaming fights because we have not been replaced with well-adjusted pod people or anything but they were pretty rare. I spent quite a few hours working in my family's new computer shop, too, which was a lot of fun, other than that, I did some reading for my dissertation (not enough, I think? Apparently it's only supposed to be 10,000, so a 5,000 less than I thought) and went rollerskating a lot less than I had planned to.

I didn't have time to link to all the reviews in readingz but most major works are indeed in the last 100 posts.

The Readings of 2012

*R* re-read

[the graphics]

♪  audiobook (sometimes partly listened, partly read)

*A* abandoned, after having read most of it (or more than half, but in any case, when it had given me plenty of reason toreadingz 2012

+ non-fiction

*p* poetry

Rojo: castellano (les juro que lo intenté pero mi carrera es literatura inglesa y yo no leo traducciones)

*U* required by university

Complete books of any kind are highlighted in some shade of gray to be more visible.

Gennaio [3 books, 1 libro, 4 ensayo, 14 essays, 2 poems, 2 poemas, 2 cuentos]:

  +01: "Los relativistas" de Marcelo Birmajer . [ensayo] delirantemente gracioso . [N7]

*p* 01: "Mejor te invento" de Mario Benedetti . [poema] . [N7,5]

*p*01: "Final de año" de Jorge Luis Borges . [poema] . [N7]

  +01: "Homosexuality in Viking Scandinavia" by They Call me Strange Oddi . [essay, literature, homosexuality] . [N7]

01: Five Nail Polishes by Toft  . weirdly fascinating. [N6,5]

[more books...]

+01: "Mutant Rights" . [meta, laws, rights] . [N6]

01: "Con el sol entre los ojos" de Elsa Borneman . [N6]

1: "Mil grullas" de Elsa Borneman . [N6]

  +05:  "The Ten Commandments of Fan Fiction" by Kathryn Andersen . [meta, writing, funny] . [N6,5]

+07: “The Resistance to Theory” by Paul de Man . [N7] so quotbl

  +09:  "Love triangles" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [meta, books] . [N6,5]

+10: Vuelven a casarse tras cambio de sexo . [artículo] . [N6]

11: “The Night Bookmobile” by Audrey Niffenegger . [picture book]

13: “The Changeover” by Margaret Mahy . [YA classic supernatural romance] . [N9] &hearts   ♥ 

14: “El Secuestro de la Bibliotecaria” de Margaret Mahy . [cuento ilustrado] . [N7]

*p*15: "Alms" by Edna St. Vincent Millay

*p* 15: "Afternoon on a hill" by Edna St. Vincent Millay

  +15: "Comic Studies: Persepolis and Fun Home" by Laura Sneddon . [review, meta] . [N6,5]

+15: "Mythologies" by Roland Barthes . [essay]

+16: 05w. "Colette" by Angela Carter . [meta about the writer and person] . [N7]

+16: 04w. Reportaje: "El ciborg del tercer ojo", por Juan José Millás . re interesante [N7]

  +17: "Art as technique" by Victor Shklovsky . [N7] *U* nbsp; *read x 2*

+21: "Jeanette Winterson" by Adam Mars Jones . [literary criticism] . [N6]

  +21:  Fragments from "A Room of One's Own" by Virginia Woolf (Shakespeare's Sister, Chloe Liked Olivia, Androgyny) . [N7] *U*

  +21: "En ningún sitio se habla el mejor español del mundo" de Javier Rodríguez Marcos . [ensayo linguística] . [N6,5]

+23: "Tradition and the Individual Talent" by T. S. Eliot . [literary criticism] . [N6] *U*

  +24: "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness" by Chinua Achebe . [literary criticism, essay] . [N6,5] *U*

  +27 ‘What Is an Author?’ by Michel Foucault . [essay]

28: "Mrs Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf  . [modernist novel] . [N7] *U*  

+30: Fragment from "Distinction" by Pierre Bourdieu . [essay] *U*

Read even more...


Fanfiction: 1054. Most often I read fanfics between 10,000 and 20,000 words so about 6 fics make a novel or book: therefore that would make 176 books + 85 from traditional paper lit = 261 :)

*quote by Stéphane Mallarmé.


Turned in my essays and found myself a new cheaper room with a window settee where I plan to read forever and ever, and also walk to uni from quite easily. Monday I'm moving my stuff and Tuesday I’ll be off to Barcelona for a month to stay with my dad and my little sisters. While there I'm also meant to read a lot about gender and fanfic since that’s why I’m writing my dissertation on next semester.

Recently I became very interested in deaf culture. I have always wanted to learn to sign so even though it’s a sappy family tragicomedy I was drawn and then drowned in Switched at Birth, one of the switches being a deaf girl without implants, although she does wear aids that allow her to get some ambient noise. I’m seriously considering looking into taking some kind of class but for now I’m watching a lot of tutorials on youtube.

[Deaf documentary review (spoilers)]

Sound and Fury (2000): I was torn about the issue but I thought Heather's parents were so repulsed by the little cochlear!implant girl who didn't know she was deaf that they lost all perspective. I also felt terribly sad about Shelby being unable to sign. If a child gets an implant and still lives with deaf parents they will behave like any other bilingual child, although, unlike a child from a Spanish speaking home growing up, say, in London, the deaf child will never cease being deaf and will always find it easier to sign. There was not a big enough sample but Shelby did not seem like she was very aware of her surroundings, unlike Heather, who, as her grandma pointed out, looked extremely bright and was speaking a little just with hearing aids. I think it’s clear that a deaf child getting zero exposure to deaf culture and particularly signing is a terrible mistake because again, that reduces their options (and their ways to cope) the same way not giving them a cochlear implant would.

Deafness IS limiting, saying otherwise is absurd. The father even admits it.

That's why when they go the deaf community they feel 'safe' and not 'held back', because everybody is limited there.

Why does NOBODY makes a bilingual analogy? Are monolinguals inferior or simply less educated? Also, if the world makes it hard for deaf people, does it make sense to refuse implants and expect it to change? It is not a reasonable expectation. It is what feminist/queer movements expect, BUT the difference resides in the fact that those prejudices and impediments are merely psychological/ideological, there is no physical impediment. It is a fact that deaf people are deaf. They have 4 senses instead of 5, it's not a difference merely but a handicap. It is naturally possible to live happy fulfilling life with them, the same it is while being discriminated against constantly for other reasons, but it is not logical to assume most of the population will learn to sign and that a whole layer of reality based on sound will cease to be important to the development of humanity. Deaf culture is expanding the other senses further out of necessity, which is highly valuable. The same way blind people have developed the amazing 'echolocation' system for seeing through hearing, the way bats do, something a sighted person would have been highly unlikely to think up.

Nobody ever asks people to take their glasses off, I don't know about deafness from personal experience but I know about blindness, how very helpless you can feel without glasses, how they become a part of your body because without them you cannot function. How you don't have enough peripheral vision and how everybody forgets you cannot see without them. And glasses aren’t good for you either, if they were perfect ‘implants’ sight lose would stop once you started wearing them, instead it keeps worsening.

Regarding the disappearance of deaf culture, nobody notices that the hearing couple with the twins are both from deaf families, that they are connected enough to deafness (even the woman, who wanted to escape it) to feel a special connection to someone that is, too. You don't need to stop signing just because you talk, it's like becoming bilingual and it was clear the twins mum’s first language was ASL, she even pushed her tongue out of her mouth and was completely silent while signing as deaf people do. Her mother was a bitch, so it’s understandable she grew a little resentful of the whole interpreter situation.

Furthermore, indeed, if deaf culture is so great, why would implanted people migrate the moment they are able? If suddenly you can do more than one thing, will you then cease to do the one? The logic is faulty. Particularly as language is for communicating and that is the impulse that keeps it alive.

As with gay rights, I feel it is more important than people be happy than to make a statement/preserve a culture. Cultures are alive, in the sense that they made by people, but not in the sense that they care whether they exist or not. If you feel your culture is important, that's super, but that does not give you the right to sacrifice other people's happiness for the continued well-being of the culture or your own continued comfort (there are a number of ways of being happy, but only what is known is comfortable)

Not because the truth is not important to me, I want to make statements and that is the only way in which I can be happy but I can’t impose the way I achieve happiness on everybody, that in itself is a form of discrimination for psychological difference. In the same way I will not let other people's squimishness change my behaviour (silly example: my sister thinks wearing multicolored thights is embarrassing) and I will not stop thinking I'm right about certain things and others are wrong, I will not force anybody else to follow my example. Trying to explain your POV to someone is good, trying to make them have your own POV is not. Keeping someone deaf is doing that, as much as it pains me to say, and that is why even the National Asociation probably change its mind, because the quality of life implanted people get is simply better because they have more choices, that is, more chance to find the right one for them. Of course, cochlear implants don't make deaf people hearing, not really, and, like with other minorities, educating the general population is essential, having everybody learn basic sign language in school would be as productive as having them get music or art lessons or sports, all pretty extracurricular subjects in the curriculums of most countries and it's probably easier to remember how to finger spell than how many points win you a basketball game (this shit was in my exams, i kid you not!).

Definitely go watch this!

P.S: I'm anxious to watch the sequel  S&F: 6 years later and see how everybody is doing.

Edit: Turned out to be less than half an hour long and have a LOT of fragments from the original. Heather, 5 originally, got an implant at 9 and at 13 can get by in the hearing world and at hearing school (but she requires an interpreter to go with her to class since she can't quite follow, even as her results are above average). Her speech is noticeably clumsy but her understanding seems normal, although everybody in her life seems quite used to speaking for lipreaders, that is, slowly and clearly. Her younger siblings and her mother also have implants and they share speech therapy with 2 cousins, sons of a Peter's previously unknown and unmentioned deaf sister (I'm confused because in the original he said he grew up as the only deaf kid in his family). The twins' parents said their kid was fine but refused to participate.

Freedom: both so priceless and so expensive

I should be writing essays so of course I decided to finally write here about my new shiny laptop. I was going to wait till the economy was more estable but Terabithia killed her fourth charger (maybe i should've known, naming her that, that she would be a bridge of death), only 5 months old, and I snapped. I spent a few days going over specs and prices but I had wanted a Pavilion for years,I spent a little extra since John Lewis give you the extra year of warranty I was going to buy for free and got an i5 processor. is bit big and I bet that with a battery inside is going to be as heavy as Tera. Oh, yes, the battery, so I got home from the city center, having taken a bus to transport my lovely new acquisition so as not bust my back and discovered the battery had a bent corner and would not slot in. They have said they would send me a new battery (and I get to keep this one and unbent the corner and use it) but it's yet to happen. Still, I have a webcam and movie editing software and just... a computer that works. I'm to go now to finish writing an essay about cyborgs, as is only proper. And maybe sometime soon I'll come up with a name for her I like... I had my final class today but there's 2 essays to turn in on Monday (they were due tomorrow originally, it seems this people never keep their deadlines) and then I need to prepare for my mother and little sisters visit on the 30th.

H5o 1x23 & 1x24: Boy, I can already tell it's going down the drain. The police plots are making less and less sense...[Spoiler (click to open)]

I haven't liked Danny lately, he's been off since the scare with Stan's creditors. Even in the mountain with Steve it was like he was halfway somewhere else, his heart wasn't in it. Although, yes, I squealed when he drew a hear in the air and pointed at Steve. I guess we're to assume that's when the thing with Rachel started. The hospital scene when Steve brings Gracie in is the only time I have seen Danny's eyes shine for Steve in the last few episodes, and it was sort of Grace related...

Rachel, who I have liked all along, and now don't feel like I can respect because apparently she left Danny for Stan and now she's leaving Stan for Danny, moving her kid once again in what, 2 years? with no regard for the stability said kid needs or that the man she supposedly love has a job he loves and a life there. Yes, sure, Danny says it doesn't matter but obviously it does and she should stop being so selfish, she moved the family to Hawaii, now she's gotta stick to it, it's not like living in the same city as the ex you cheated on will kill her. At the same time she's acting so clingy when what made her attractive was independence... I'm really pissed about that. I don't think is IC. Chin's obviously playing a deep game, immediately running off to get to a powerbase from where he can do some damage control. Poor guy, I always feel terrible about how everybody ever around him is a hothead and he longsufferingly has to wait for them to think shit over. Loyalty is Chin's nº1 priority, that's been made plenty clear from the start (loyalty to Steve's dad, Kono, his ex, his uncle, his team). All that said: the finale broke my heart.

*title, quote by Patricia Duncker.

Recipe: Gefilte fish + some extras

Gefilte fish

1 kg of white fish or a combination of several white fish (traditionally trout and hake, I use cod now).

4 eggs
250 grams of breadcrumbs (this is to absorb some of the vegetable and fish moisture so sometimes I use a little bit of flour too if I don’t have enough)
½ glass of water
1 tbsp of sugar
2 onions, diced and passed through boiled water, then drained
grated carrot (optional)
salt and pepper to taste.

more fishCollapse )

There’s two cooking options, you oil a oven tray and shape the fish like a very broad load (about 15 cm long, 4cm high and 9cm of width) and oil the top of it as well, too. With this amount of fish you should get at least 2 “loaves”. You cook them at 200º for about 30 minutes and use a knife to check if it’s cooked inside the same way you’d do with a cake.

The alternative is to shape the fish in balls of big prune and boil them in water where you previously boiled two sliced carrots and a diced onion (and a stock cube, if you want). You serve the boiled fish with the carrots and onions as a side/decoration.

I’m a big fan of the oven version but my grandmother used to do both since it’s a fairly light dish that you can eat a lot of and it tastes different enough you might have both without being bored.

Gefilte fish tends to get better the next day and freezes great as well, just cut the loaf into slices before so you don’t have to unfreeze all of it at once.

So apparently I have to read The Woman in White, this is bad news right now because, let me tell you, English literature major are not hard up for reading material. But SRB keeps reccing and I'm only human. Have also an excellent solution to the problem of being in love with Sorry Carlisle, Draco Malfoy, Silvia Jofre, Lex Luthor, Elizabeth Bennet, Laurent, Damen, NoelEthan, Laura, Veronica Mars, Andres, Rut, Lynda Day, Spike Thomson, Ralph Lanyon... fictional characters.

Holly Black’s advice on romance is “You cannot date a boy in a book. But you can date a boy who LOVES BOOKS. And that is what you should do. Because he will prioritize not just reading but also the things about books that make fictional boys appealing. A sense of romance and adventure and narrative drive. He is probably looking for someone from a book too.”

*... a narrative drive? XD. Is this what people look for in a SO these days?

I was going to translate "Salpicón" as "Splash Chicken Salad" because "salpicar" means "to splash" in Spanish but then I checked wordreference and it turns out anglophones think this is a COCKTAIL. Without getting into the hilarious etymology of that word (I suspect somebody came up with it while heavily intoxicated), the reference to parties and alcohol seems cute so I'm going with that.[Read on...]

This is a recipe my maternal grandmother, to whom I suspect we would all have stopped speaking to if not for her cooking, used to make for important celebrations (Pesaj, Rosh Hashana, etc) where all the family was reunited. Since then I have moved continents and have been forced to make it myself, to be perfectly honest, it's a lot of (very easy) work but it's SO worth it. Besides, although it cannot be frozen, it gets tastier every day it's left in the fridge (we never made it past 3). Usually she would freeze all her chicken leftovers for a couple of months and then defrost them, clean the meat out and use that, very ecofriendly and obviously representative of her willpower (i make chicken sandwiches any time i have chicken leftovers).

Read more...Collapse )


Anual book report 2011

[41 books] +  [53 short stories = 10 books] + [6 poems] + [56 essays = 5 books] = [56 books]

Fanfic is clearly not included in this list, the numbers are insanely high [equivalent to 109 books of a 100.000 words each], although this year the scales a tipping a little bit more towards books thanks to me starting a degree on English literature. Next year, I clearly need to get reading in languages other than English!

Colours represent languages, numbers are for books, short-stories or fragments, essays, poems:
English, [34,49,6,0] Spanish [6,3,1,0] Catalan [1,1,0,0] Italian [0,1,0,0]


23.01: "Reply" by Ken Grimwood [R]
[c01]         30.01: "Someone in some future time" by Shelley Anderson
ছ             19.02: "Reading Against Intent: Women in fiction, authorial intent, and negative reinvention" by prozacpark . [essay feminism] . [N8]
[Spoiler (click to open)]26.02: "The Captive Prince" by freece [book 1] 
               08.02: "Dealing with Stress" . Keirsey essay . brilliant . [N8]
[c02]          21.02: "Fantaghirò, persona bella" di Italo Calvino. [fiaba] . [N7]

ছ                04.03: "Interview with Elisa Kreisinger" by Francesca Coppa . [remix culture, very interesting links] . [N7]
[c03]          05.03: "The Establishment (prologue)" by freece . [original slash bsdm] . [N7]
[c04]          05.03: "Weather Magic" by me_ya_ri . [original slash] . [N6]
ছ               05.03: "Being published changes everything" by Stacia . [meta essay, writing] . [N6,5]
07.03: "Blood and Chocolate" by Annette Curtis Klause  [R]
ছ               09.03: "Martin Amis the Gynocrat" by Christina Patterson . [essay]
ছ               15.03: "A look at Fandom Pairingsby Alamo_girl80 . [meta] . [N6]

19.03: "Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld . [book 1 of trilogy]
"Moonwalking with Einstein" by Joshua Foer  
ছ               21.03: "Keirsey Signature Workshop Case Study" . [N6,5]
[c05]          22.03: "Lila Zacharov in 13 parts" by Holly Black . [White Cat 'verse] . [N7]
ছ                26.03:"Star Trek Parody" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N9]
27.03: "Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette" by Judith Thurman
[c06]          28.03: "The Spring Bride" by waldorph . [modern rewriting] . [N7]
03.04: "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi . [memoir, graphic novel]
ছ                10.04: "sex, and slash sex scenes" by the shoshana . [meta, slash theory] . [N8]
[c07]          10.04: "Fairytales"  by Kleenexwoman . [modern rewriting] . [N6]
ছ             11.04: "What Comics Taught Me About Parenting" . [meta] . [N6,5]
19.04: "Red Gloves" by Holly Black . [book 2 of The Curseworkers trilogy] 
"Into the Deep" by Ken Grimwood . [N7]
"Caídos del Mapa VI: Un Año Más" de María Inés Falconi  [R]
27.04: "Caídos del Mapa VII: Un triste adiós" de María Inés Falconi

[c08]          03.05: "Queen of Atlantis" by S. Rees Brennan . [short-story] . [N6,5]
[c09]          04.05: "The Fox" by Malinda Lo . [short-story] . [N6]
ছ               05.05: "The Problem of Susan" . [literature meta, Narnia Chronicles] . [N7]

[c10]          15.05: "Historía de Rosendo Juárez" de Jorge Luis Borges . [N6]
[c11]          21.05: "When it Changed" by Joanna Russ
[c12]          24.05: “Penelope is no longer waiting” by Cherry Potts
25.05: "La casa de los amores imposibles" de Cristina López Barrio
[c13]         12.06: "The Coward with a Kiss" by Sarah Rees Brennan
05.06: "Amor Meva" de Isabel Clara-Simó
"A Series of Unfortunate Events #6: The Vile Village" by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)
“A Song of Ice and Fire 1: A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin
[c14]           21.06: "Make the Yuletide Gay" by aggybird . [original slash] . [N6,5]
25.06: “A Song of Ice and Fire 2: A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin
[c15]          02.07: "Sunday" by nopejr . [original femmeslash adventures]. [N6,5]
[c16]          09.07: "All The Way Back Where We Started From" by S. Rees Brennan . [N6,5]
[c17]          13.07: “Brodats” de Marjane Satrapi - [novel.la grafica]
16.07: “A Song of Ice and Fire 3: A Storm of Swords” by George R.R. Martin
17.07: “Pollo con Ciruelas” de Marjane Satrapi - [novela gráfica]
“The Demon’s Surrender” by Sarah Rees Brennan
23.07: “Como yo lo veo” de Will Davis
“A Song of Ice and Fire 4: A Feast for Crows” by George R.R. Martin
[c18]          31.07: “Sorcerer and Stone” by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N7]
[c19]          31.07: "Everywhere" by Geoff Ryman . [N6,5]
[c20]          01.08: “The Persistance of Vision” by John Varley . [N7,5]
ছ                02.08: "How can you tell the characters from the world" by limyaael . [writing meta . [N6,5]

[c21]          03.08: "Aye, And Gomorrah" by Samuel R. Delany . [sci-fi] . [N6]
               04.08: “Cohering a hero” by lymyaael</lj> . [meta writing] . [N6,5]
[c22]          06.08: "All You Zombies" by Robert Heinlein . [short-story, time travel] . [N6,5]
ছ                12.08: "Turning idealistic characters gray" by limyaael . [meta writing] . [N7,5]
ছ              18.08: "The Three Rs"  by nancy kress . [on writing middles] . [N6,5]
ছ              23.08: "I Don't Have Asperger's!" by yourlittleProfessor . [asperger's essay] . [N6]
20.08: "Inés del Alma mía" de Isabel Allende
ছ                20.08: “On escaping the arranged marriage trap” by limyaael . [meta writing] . [N6,5]
22.08: “The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time” by Mark Haddon
ছ             23.08: "The Benefits of Asperger's Syndrome by yourLittleProfessor . [essay] . [N6,5]
ছ             23.08: "But I Can't Live Without It! Managing the Fixations of Children with Asperger's Syndrome by YourLittleProfessor . [N6]
ছ             23.08: "More Than Just 'Quirky'" by Jeneen Interlandi . [asperger essay] . [N6]
ছ             25.08: "Bright Lights, Loud Noises" by yourlittleprofessor . [N6,5]
ছ             26.08: "10 Of Our Favorite Incestuous Relationships by the mary sue staff . [N6]

ছ             27.08: "The Ongoing Saga of Commander Shepard’s Hair (Of All Things)" by B. Chambers . [meta, sexism, video games] . [N6]
30.08: "The Elephant in the Room" by Elizabeth Bluemle . [racism, books, meta] . [N6]
ছ               30.08: "Why discriminate if it doesn’t profit-- by Jennifer Kesler . [meta cinema . [N6,5]
ছ               30.08: "Why film schools teach screenwriters not to pass the Bechdel test by Jennifer Kesler . [meta cinema . [N7]

ছ               31.08: "Love triangulation" by Marie Brennan . [meta, writing, love triangles] . [N6,5]
ছ               02.09: "Sexual Inadequacy, Ambiguously Gay Wizards by garlandgrey . [meta . [N7]
[c23]          05.09: “Fan Fictions” by Gabrielle Zevin . [young adult] . [N7]
[c24]          09.09: “Thinner than water” by Justine Larbalestier . [N6,5]
[c25]          14.09: "The Prussian Officer" by D.H. Lawrence
{C}[c26]          14.09: “Unseen Translations” by Kate Atkinson . [N7,5]
{C}{C}{C}               15.09: “Mae West” by Colette – [N6]
{C}{C}{C}[c27]          16.09: “Lu-Lu” by Joy Williams
{C}{C}{C}[c28]          20.09: “Love Struck” by Melissa Marr . [N7,5]
23.09: "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula K. Le Guin . [Earthsea, book I]  *U*
ছ            23.09: "Why Women Read More Than Men" by Eric Weiner . [N6,5]
ছ            24.09: "Adult fantasy author L. Grossman on his work, Harry Potter and E. Waugh" by G. Canavan . [writing, fanfic] . [N7]
ছ            24.09: "Hurt/comfort and me: An autoethnographic account of a troubled love affair" by Judith M. Fathallah . [fan essay] . [N7]

24.09: "Slow Down! Why Some Languages Sound So Fast By Jeffrey Kluger . [meta languages] . [N7]
ছ            24.09: "Hurt/comfort and me: An autoethnographic account of a troubled love affair" by Judith May Fathallah . [meta] . [N7]
ছ            24.09: "Sex and science fiction" by Nicola Griffith . [meta, writing] . [N7]

25.09: "Annabel" by Kathleen Winter
         [p]    26.09: "From Eloisa to Abelard" by Alexander Pope [narrative poem] *U*
         [p]    27.09: "The Lady’s Dressing Room" by Jonathan Swift . [poem] *U*
         [p]    27.09: "An Epistle to Mr. Pope" by Anne Ingram
         [p]    27.09:  "The reasons that induced Dr. Swift to Write a Poem Called the Lady’s Dressing Room" by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu . [poem] *U*
         [p]    27.09: "Impromptu to Lady Winchilsea (Anne Finch)" by Alexander Pope *U*
29.09: "Foyles Interview Jeffrey Eugenides about The Marriage Plot" . [bad interview, awesome book] . [N7]
ছ            29.09: "Living Fiction and Storybook Lives" by Nicola Griffith . [meta, writing] - [N8]
ছ           02.10: "Entrevista, Un nuevo Borges" . [N6,5]
03.10: "Northanger Abbey" by Jane Austen  *U*
"Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier  *U*
[c29]         14.10: “The Screwfly Solution” by James Tiptree (Alice Sheldon)
16.10: “Introducción a la literatura inglesa” de Jorge Luis Borges & Maria Esther Vasquez.
ছ             18.10: "See Baby Discriminate" by Po Bronson . [racism, meta] . [N7]        
    18.10: "PRO-GIRLS 5 GeekGirlCon President On Girls & Comics By Vaneta Rogers . [meta, women, fandom . [N7] 
[c30]          19.10: “Stupid Perfect World” by Scott Westerfeld . [short-story, sci-fi] – [N7,5] 
20.10: “A Song of Ice and Fire 5: A Dance with Dragons” by George R.R. Martin ♪
ছ               21.10: "The Power of Opera by Jessa Crispin . [meta, opera, fandom, argentina] . [N6,5]
[c31]          21.10: “The man whose mother was a pirate” by Margaret Mahy . [picture book] . [N6]
[c32]          22.10: "Weland's Sword" from "Puck of Pook's Hill" by Rudyard Kipling *U*
[c33]          22.10: “The Arundel Tomb” by Sarah Rees Brennan . [Demon Lexicon story]  [N7,5]
[c34]          23.10: “Sleeping with the spirit” by Laurie Faria Stolarz . [N5]
[c35]          24.10: “Ten Weird Things” by Matthew Haldeman-Time . [original slash] . [N7]
ছ               24.10: Preface and introduction of “Alexander Pope: A life” by Felicity Rosslyn
[c36]          24.10: "Wicked" by Matthew Haldeman-Time . [original slash] . [N6]
ছ               24.10: "Quick Dollhouse Primer by etothepii . [N6]
[c37]          25.10: "Have You Met Lucas?" by Matthew Haldeman-Time['5] . [original slash] . [N6]
28.10: “The Tombs of Atuan” by Ursula K. Le Guin . [Earthsea, book II]*U*
[c38]          04.11: "Bright" by Matthew Haldeman['5] . [original slash, twins] . [N6,5]
[c39]          04.11: "Blind Date" by Matthew Haldeman-Time ['5] . [original slash, Cute] - [N6,5]
[c40]          05.11: "A relation of my imprisonment in the month of November 1660" by John Bunyan . [autobiography] . [N6] *U*
ছ             05.11: "Three Essays on Biography" by Samuel Johnson . [meta, very interesting] . [N6,5]*U*
ছ             06.11: "Poly is for grownups by Dr Pega Ren . [meta essay] . [N6,5]
ছ             07.11: "For the love of coins, past lives and boys by Robert Rothon . [meta, Marion Zimmer Bradley] . [N6]

06.11: “Mafalda: volumen 1” de Quino . [comic, hilarante]
ছ              10.11: "Afterword to TLHoD, THE GENDER OF pronouns" by Ursula K. Le Guin . [meta, writing] . [N7]

[c41]         11.11: "Young men at the manor" from "Puck of Pook's Hill" by R.Kipling . [N6,5] *U*
[c42]         13.11: "Canto XI: Descensus ad Inferos" de Homero *U*
[p]            13.11: "Funeral Blues" by W.H. Auden . [N9]
13.11: "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman ♪ *U*
[c43]          15.11: "La divina comedia" de Dante Alighieri, Cantos I,II, III, IV, V, XXVI, XXXII & XXXIII *U*
17.11: "History of Rasselas: Prince of Abyssinia" by Samuel Johnson . [N7,5] *U*

[c44]          20.11: "Also, You Pay Me Very Well" by megyal . [superheroes, original pre-slash] . [N6]
23.11: "Perelandra" by C.S. Lewis *U*
ছ               24.11: "Ursula K. Le Guin has a brand new reason to be scared of immortality,” by Charlie Jane Anders . [N6]
ছ               25.11: "Computer model reveals what would happen if humans became immortal"  . [N7]
27.11: "The Rape of the Lock" by Alexander Pope *U*
28.11: "The Left Hand of Darkness" by Ursula K. Le Guin *U* [R]

ছ              28.11: "The Left Hand of Darkness review" by roborant42 . [brilliant] . [N7]
[c45]         29.11: "Coming of Age In Karhide" by
Ursula K. Le Guin  [R]
[c46]         30.11: "Will You Still Remember Me Well?" by megyal . [original slash] . [N6]
[c47]         02.12: "Ave de Paso" by Catherine Asaro . [scifi, short-story] . [N6]
ছ              03.12:  "Open Letter To Anyone Annoyed By A Woman" by leupagus . [meta, opinion] . [N7]
05.12:  "The Critic" by Richard Brinsley Sheridan . [play] *U*
ছ              05.12: "My Gay Fantasy Wish List" by kadewire . [essay meta] . [N6]
07.12: "A Fistful of Sky" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman [R]
ছ              09.12: "The Skepticism of Johnson's Rasselas" by Fred Parker
ছ              11.12:  "it's time to drop the word 'homosexual'" . [meta writing] . [N6]
17.12: "The English Novel" by Timothy Spurgis

18.12: "84 Charing Cross Road" by Helen Hanff . [epistolary, non-fiction]
[c48]        20.12: "Jamie and Nick go to the movies" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [Demon Lexicon short-story] . [N7]
23.12: "The God Box" by Alex Sanchez . [Gay young adult novel] . [N7]

[c49]        24.12: "Purity Test" by Naomi Novik . [short-story, team unicorn] . [N6,5]
[c50]        27.12: "The World Well Lost" by Theodore Sturgeon . [short love story] . [N7]
ছ             27.12: "A Chubby Ballerina Gets Wise" by Natalie Wilson . essay feminism, intersectionality . [N7]
ছ             27.12: "What Would an Intersectional Women's history month look like" by Allison McCarthy . [N6,5]

[c51]       27.12: "Princess Prettypants" by Meg Cabot . [team unicorn, short-story] . [N5]
[c52]       31.12: "The Enchanted Spring" from The Arabian Nights . [N6,5]
[c53]       31.12: "Aquel cuadro" de Elsa Borneman . [cuento de terror] . [N6]

41 books + 53 short stories (= 10 books) + 56 essays/articles (= 5 books) = [55 books] + 6 poem
+ 827 fanfics [109 equivalents] = [164]

 Of these I
16 books (39%) and 28 shorter works (26%). I did tell you I was very picky, did I not? :p

More specifically:
521 oneshots [2214250 words/100w per book = 22], 157 novelettes [2001750 = 20 books], 108 novellas [4212000 = 42] , 25 novels.

?% Epic novel: 150.000-250.000 words.  Av: 200.000
3% Novel: 60.000-150.000 words.  Av: 105.000.
13% Novella: 18.000 and 60.000 words.  Av: 39.000.
19% Novelette: 7500 - 18.000 words.  Av: 12.750.
63% Oneshot/short story: 1000-7500 words.  Av: 4.250.


#Author Ranking (of most read):

#8 Sarah Rees Brennan
#5 George R.R.Martin (who would totally win if I was counting words)
#5 Matthew Haldeman Time
#4 Ursula K. Le Guin
#3 Marjane Satrapi (wins the author-read-in-most-languages, since I can only read her in translation)

#4 [info]limyaael
#3 Alexander Pope
#2 Ken Grimwood

#2 freece
#2 María Inés Falconi
#2 Holly Black
#2 Scott Westerfeld
#2 Samuel Johnson


In Progress:

"Mirrormask" by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean . [graphic novel]
"Waverley" by Sir Walter Scott *U* (Surprisingly entertaining, although it's dragging a bit now)
"Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe  *U* (I'd pay to put this in the "abandoneds list", it's dull to the point of pain)
"Breve historia del saber" de Charles Van Doren
"The Lost Language of Cranes" by David Levitt
"The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women" by Harriet Rubin
"Peter Pan" by James M. Barrie
"Joseph Andrews" by Henry Fielding *U*

"Voyage to Arcturus" by David Lindsay*U*
"Vathek" by Willian Beckford *U*
"The Underpeople" by Cordwainer Smith


“Without Reservations” by J.L Langley (werewolf homoerotic novel, pretty terrible)

[R] Repetido/Re-read.
♪ audiobook
Loved it.
*U* Required by university.
ছ  Essay: 10 = 1 book, for no discernible reason.
[c] cuento/short-story, I'm using "Love is Hell" as a model of sorts and making a 5 stories = 1 book equivalence for everything (if you have seen the size of most of Borges' books, you know I'm being being generous)
[p] poetry/poesía

[Spoiler (click to open)]


♥  With the assistance of Irati and Izabela I turned in my two essays. I'm very sleep deprived, though, and should be forgiven any incoherencies. I'm happy the exams aren´t till May, although clearly I won´t be happy in May.

Now, let's talk about those tiny people inside the screen...

Merlin 4x07:
Merlin *trapped in Morgan's dungeon*
You're always causing so much more trouble than you're worth! You stopped my immortal army and left my sister for dead.
Merlin: I know, right? Could do me a favor? Could you let Arthur know? He thinks I'm an underachiever.


Merlin 4x08: Man, that was a really threesomy episode. I really liked seeing Gwen and Merlin interact. I was really sorry he didn't reveal his magic to her, too. But now again, there were much better moments for it, maybe, like, before her father was falsely accused and killed (although not falsely accused of something Merlin did) or before her bestfriend's magic turned her evil (for all the message of the show is "magic is just a tool you might use in any way" that's what I read in Morgana. She goes away to find herself and instead loses her way completely). Anyway, as if the Merlin+Gwen bits were cute enough, we get Arthur going to help Merlin up and then teasing him about being saved by a woman (and one so wishes Morgana was around for Merlin to rat on Arthur and Morgana to beat him up in front of all the knights or somehow punish him in her totally sisterly way...) Ah, Morgana, I gave your name to my external hard drive because she's ruby red and shiny and in my memory you'll always be an icon of girl!power and not inexplicably insane. I haven't read many Merlin AUs, relatively speaking, but I've yet to find one where she's evil, which gives me yays since I'm reading slash and you know, evil!Morgana is BBC canon, Arthurian canon, all the canons but fic writers still refuse to give her up.

During that scene where Gwen is like "there is something about you, Merlin" I was screaming: "I just don't like women, ok, Gwen?" Or like, maybe it's like with Veela, if you are thruly in love they can´t affect you (like the villager John, who was stupidly in love with his wife of fifteen years). Also, I'm expecting at least Gwaine to apologize to Merlin for being an ass to him. Merlin confuses me because I feel they have lots of scene like those with John that seem to be going somewhere and then don't. Chekov would be so disappointed.

The Good Wife 3x10: Oh, Kalinda. I ♥ you (Especially the scene where Will is like: do you have a minute? and she's NO). Please tell Alicia you love her and want to be bffs forever! What´s this noble secretly awesome stuff with Grace? Grace is not very good at keeping secrets so I'm guessing at some point she's going to be like: that cool Indian lady at your job and Alicia will be like: Kalinda? where do you know her from? and it'll all come out. The Will/Alicia ending was well-handled, although Lockhart was kinda hallucinating. 3x11: YES KALINDA YES. Peter, please stop being creepy. Alicia, stop asking him to be creepy! You can't say you don't know he's an asshole, you're feeling lonely now but please turn to the people your head says you can trust.

Glee 3x07: The songs were SO disappointing. Quinn is very pretty. The whole subplot with Mike's that was STUPID. I don't get why New Directions won, although I suppose it would have been hard for everbody to LOSE. FIVE songs and NOT ONE was any good, how do you do that badly? It's even statistically unlikely.
ছ   My dad's arriving on Wednesday, hopefully his almost complete lack of English won't hinder him in getting from Edinburgh to Glasgow (fucking Ryanair, as if it wasn't crappy enough, cancelled the Glasgow-Girona route and now there's only Barcelona-Edinburgh left).

ছ   Had a good time at the dragking workshop, although I don’t make a pretty boy AT ALL. One day I’ve got to go out dressed like that.boyCollapse )

ছ   Thing is, I got a migraine that day and I just didn’t feel like having my hair tied back anymore or being out at all. This month my headaches have skyrocketed but I just went to see my new GP (nice lady!) and she doubled my preventive meds dosage, with that I should be right as rain (or right even with all the fucking rain, since
humidity can’t be helping the problem).

ছ   I have also pictures of fencing, some are up in facebook but for your edification....
Read more...Collapse )

ছ   Misfits season 3 has started! As has Merlin BBC season 4, although I have not watched anything. Back to Misfits. I'm very taken with new!guys tattoos. Him, not so much, unless he turns out to be gay <.< Curtis new power boggles the brain, girl!Curtis is also really cute. I totally want him to explore his sexuality! Like, lesbian Curtis would be greaaaaaaat (especially since apparently he needs to learn what to do with the lady parts). Watched episode 2: BASICALLY EVERYTHING I COULD WANT. Well, except the drugging and almost rape, that upset me a lot. I was quite confused by how untraumatized Curtis was by the whole incident. I also didn't like that he turned into a man to punch the guy's lights out, what? a girl can't punch? Finding a guy about to stick his cock into you while you're laying half-drugged is not the same as having someone touch your ass or look at your chest, it's like whoever wrote it didn't realise this and it was a bit offensive.

Also, why are, like, 60 % of Misfits' scenes shot in toilets? Is it a fetish or are they just cheap? I wouldn't mind as much if people weren't peeing most of the time. I think they should restrict liquids in that set because they can't possibly need to go that much. This is also the only show where a guy asks another guy to go for a beer after noticing his bandaged hand (which is holding his cock at the time) and neither of them seems to be uncomfortable about it. They are too worried about superheroing and secret identities instead. Ok, I wrote that and in the next scene new!guy came in and totally had the same thought as me: VERY GAY. Why is new!guy so much like Nathan? It only showcases how he *isn't* Nathan. There are other personalities besides the five they've got, couldn't they have gone for something else? WOW. The longing gaze after Barry... err... Simon is even worse. No, wait, the drawing! Or maybe the "Would you like to be my best friend?". The scene where Peter leaves in a funk because Simon chose Alisha over him? I don't! It's all terrible!

The thing about the twins reminded me of Outnumbered.

The awesome tattoos in question (+ an extra random one):

warning: shirtless guy aheadCollapse )

A tattoo of my very own. Also known as spot the differences Collapse )

De nada duda aquel que todo lo ignora.

- ₪ -  Mijal will be here tomorrow, I'm still dealing with the consequences of her idiocy (she booked a flight for Edinburgh instead of Glasgow, which she had to do on the flight back. And a flight for 11 at night on top of that. She will make the last bus to Glasgow by the skin of her teeth). She's bringing me stuff like nesquik (not quite chocolate but...) and coffee and I hope to foist her on Isa so they can go be girly together a lot.

- ₪ - English vocabulary score: 28,900. I'm like 9 years ahead of the curve. Go do it and report back! It's fun :) I plan to take it again later to see if I'm improving.

- ₪ - New gorgeous blanket, well, one of them.

I first tried to get teal

and then I dark blue-violet
but fate had it that they didn't have doubles (my bed is a double, since I was a little girl sleepping in my single aunt's double bed I knew this would be so when I lived on my own). I will report on it's warmth but it's soft like it's made of kittens.
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